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Cybercig Pro Equipment is pleased to introduce the most advanced MOD we have tried and tested to date.nnThe Cybertronic Transformer MOD is truly outstanding in every way. The very best materials, the most advanced electronics, the very best Atomizer, stylish looks and ease of use all add up to; the most outstanding vape available.nnThe body of the Cybertronic is fabricated from high grade stainless steel for its hard wearing long lasting qualities; the electronics are tried and tested. The tank is absolutely superb; the very best we have ever tested.nnThe Cybertronic MOD has it all.nn• Both a manual and Automatic Modnn• Can be used with 3 different battery configurationsnn• The tank (Faatank Venturi G air flow) is fully and easily adjustednn• Variable wattagenn• Intelligent auto PCB boardnn• Automatic Voltage setting: the Cybertronic reads the resistance of the tank in use and tailors the voltage to suit the resistance of the Atomiser, Automatically.nn• Suitable for Atomizers with a wide range of resistances from 1.0 to 3.0 ohmnn• Automatic variable voltage from 3.0 to 6.0 voltsnn• Manually adjustable wattage from 3 to 15 watts in (1 watt increments)nn• Automatic wattage settingnn• Battery reverse connect protectionnn• Overload/low voltage protectionnn• Short circuit and Atomizer protectionnn• Thermal cut out to protect the battery and atomizernn• Suitable for battery configurations 1 x 18650 or 2 x 18350 or 1 x 18350 the body of the Cybertronic transforms to suit any of these battery configurationsnn• Audible warningnn• User friendly, simple operation.nn• Suitable for 510 and EGO Thread sizesnn• Interchangeable magnetic logosnnThis device is a must for all serious Vapers; it is also very simple to operate:nnInsert the battery cell or cells (positive end first). The blue LED will flash once and the device will beep: This indicates the battery cell has been installed correctly and the Cybertronic is in operation mode.nnAttach the Atomizer and set the Transformer Dial to position A (Automatic mode) In automatic mode Cybertronic will read the resistance of the atomizer and tailor the wattage and voltage to provide the best possible vape for the selected atomizer (note: Cybertronic will work with any atomizer equipped with 510 or EGO threading with resistances between 1.0 and 3.0 ohm).nnIf you prefer to tailor the Cybertronic to your own personal taste simply adjust the Faatank Venturi air flow regulator to admit more or less airflow and adjust the wattage on the transformer dial: you can tailor the vape to suit your own personal preference by simply turning the transformer dial from the Automatic setting clockwise to increase the wattage in 1 watt increments, each change in wattage will be confirmed by a single beep.nnTo turn off the device: click the transformer button 5 times in rapid succession. The top of the battery case is removable for easy removal of smaller atomizer tanks for all other safety features and instructions please consult the operating manual. Spare Atomizer coils are available for the Faatank Venturi G please visit the related products or accessories section.nnThe Cybertronic Transformer kit includes the following items:nn• 1 x Cybertronic battery case and control unitnn• 1 x Faatank Venturi G Atomizer tanknn• 1 x 18650-2000mAh battery cellnn• 1 x TrustFire Battery chargernn• 1 x Instruction Manualnn• 1 x Gift boxnn• 2 x Spare Transformer Mod magnetic decalsnnSpecification:nn• Diameter: 22mmnn• Length without atomizer: 132 mm with 18650 batter cell: 103mm with 18350 battery cell. (18350 battery cell is an optional extra and is not included in the price)nn• Weight of unit with 18650 battery cell fitted :160 gramsnn• Body construction: Stainless steelnn• Battery Cell: 18650-2000mAh. Battery cell charge time approximately 4 hoursnn• Maximum voltage output: 9Vnn• Operating Voltage: 3.0V to 6.0V Automaticnn• Operating Wattage: 3W to 15W Adjustable in 1 watt incrementsnn• Colour option: Stainless steel with black grip.

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