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The R80-M3 Vapouriser is a true Mechanical Mod in every sense.nnWhat is a mechanical MOD?nnMechanical MODS are devices that are used to provide an electrical power supply for Vapourising Tanks such as the M3 Vapouriser or the Kraken E Cigarette tanknnSimple design, simple operation, reliability and Individuality are the bench mark for a good Mechanical Mod. The R80 fulfils this criteria in every way.nnWhat is the difference between a Mechanical MOD and a Electronic MOD?nnAlthough both devices are designed to do the same job that is: Deliver a power supply to Vapourising and E Cigarette tanks. The Electronic MOD is far more complicated than the Mechanical MOD in both design and operation. The Electronic MOD has built is safety devices, electronic adjustment for voltage and wattage and is activated by an electronic switch.nnThe Mechanical MOD is straight forward: it delivers a known, fixed power supply to your Vapouriser via a manually operated mechanical plunger switch hence the term: Mechanical MOD.nnThe R80 will undertake everything required to operate your M3 Vapourising tank to its maximum potential. The R80 delivers a consistent power supply at the correct voltage each and every time.nnThe simplicity continues: The R80 is equipped with an easy to operate telescopic barrel that adjusts to suit various battery sizes: so if you wish to enjoy the R80 by yourself you can use the smaller 18350, 900mah battery by simply adjusting the telescopic barrel to suit the 18350 battery size. You may wish to share your vaping experience with friends so we also include a larger 18650 battery size which allows longer periods of use between charge ups: again you can easily adjust the telescopic barrel to suit the longer 18650 Battery size. We are aware that vaping is very much a social activity so we also include 6 hygienic cut to fit covers for the mouthpiece of your M3 Vapouriser, this allows you to share your vaping experience with friends in a hygienic way.nnNo fuss, no complications simply load up the battery power cell, connect the Vapouriser and press the plunger. The R80 is highly functional, totally unique and truly iconic.nnWhat’s included in the R80-M3 kit?nnn1 x R80 Mechanical Mod Battery casen1 x M3 Vapourising kit (for Dry Herbs only)n1 x R80 Atomising Tank (for E Liquid only)n1 x 18650 Battery 2200mahn1 x 18350 battery 900 mahn1 x Continental Battery Charger (not for use in UK)n1 x Trust fire Multi battery charger (For use in UK)n1 x battery protection PCBn1 x Decorative storage tinn1 x Instructions

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